Monster Capture & the Seven Coloured Orb
Monster Capture is an all-action fantasy/adventure animation series that revolves around Nicky, the child of Demon King and Princess Celestial from the planets Nether and Celestia. In order to defend his adopted Mortal world and endangered homelands from the evil General Blaze, Nicky must race against time to re-unite the seven missing pieces of the mystical Azura Pearl, the same object that General Blaze needs in order to fulfill his relentless obsession for world dominance. But our hero Nicky soon discovers that more is needed to stop his powerful foe.
Genre: Fantasy / Action Adventure / Comedy
Audience: 8 to 12 yrs
13 min x 26 or 26 min x 13 
Stereoscopic 3D (with option for non-S3D) / HD
Design & Concept Art
Monster Capture’s realistic S3D rendered special visual effects promises a breathtaking multi-sensory experience with life-like weather elements and eye-popping characters. Monster Capture’s world includes an innovative mix of ancient Chinese and East-West contemporary styles in terms of colour, architecture and 
environment. Fuse that with adrenalin pumping fight sequences and quick-witted humour, the entire series guarantees a brand new visual treat and that is both enticing and exhilarating.
Main Character: Nicky
The young and cheerful Nicky was sent to the mortal world in the Azura Pearl by his parents Demon King and Princess Celestial when the evil General Blaze began his conquest of the universe. The pearl shattered into seven pieces upon reaching the mortal world, and now Nicky has to re-unite them in order to save the world. With countless demons and spirits sent by his ruthless foe to thwart his progress, Nicky must learn to protect himself through the art of capturing monsters from his guardian Pops. Always curious, and a risk-taker with a sweet tooth, Nicky has bounds of energy and never likes to sleep. As a result, his eye bags make him look older than he really is. 
Pops is a wise old man and retired Celestial Priest living in the Mortal world. As the guardian and adopter of Nicky, he teaches the latter everything a parent would to his child, including the skill of capturing monsters using the monster cards. The happy-go-lucky Pops travels around in his scooter van that also acts as his 
exorcism stall.
Pussy Cat
A loyal servant sent to protect Nicky in the mortal world, Pussy Cat is well, a cat, small enough to fit inside Nicky’s pouch. It has a witty sense of humour and loves to sleep for hours on end. But when summoned upon, it transforms into a mighty beast that 
resembles a tiger. A fearsome opponent for most other monsters!
General Blaze
A dedicated and hardworking but misguided monster who likes flowers and greenery, Buffalo King is used and abused by his master General Blaze to seek and destroy Nicky. A kind soul who has formidable powers, he will eventually learn right from wrong and break free from the clutches of his tormentor.
Demon King
When Nicky’s parents Demon King and Princess Celestial fell in love, the former’s power was diminished. Demon King’s vicious and cunning henchman General Blaze, who has been plotting for 
centuries to overthrow him, seized the opportunity and locked the couple in captivity. General Blaze is the most powerful character in the series, but only the Azura Pearl can give him the ability to become the conqueror of the Nether, Celestial and mortal worlds.
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