Mediacorp - "Missing" Drama Series
Singtel Surf School Campaign
Mediacorp - 118 Reunion "118 大团圆”
Mediacorp - YES 933 Radio Promo
Mediacorp "人生无所畏" Life - Fear Not Drama
CCA Tuesday Report: "浮生街影2"Streets of Memory S2
ION Sky - Immersive Experience
Home Team Show 2017
Cinema 4D Octane Research & Development
Mediacorp - My Teacher Is A Thug "爱不迟疑“
Mediacorp - Life Less Ordinary “小人物向前冲”
Hello Singapore ” 狮城有约” Segment - Singapore NDP 2017
Haagen Dazs Brigette
Hello Singapore- Korea Trip Graphic Package
Mediacorp - Sudden “骤变”
Mediacorp - Dreamcoder "梦想程式"
Money Week Rebrand
MediaCorp Where The Home Is - "广厦千万间"
Channel News Asia Documentary - "Inventing SEA"
Vampire Cleanup Department Movie
HUB Sports Arena & 1234 Channel Rebrand
Starhub - SuperSports 1234 Idents
StarHub SuperSports 1,2,3 Brand Refresh 2015 - Ident 02
Channel U HD - Rebranding Campaign
StarHub [GoLocal]
4Love - "爱在小红点"
StarHub Maxtoon Graphic.Package
Channel News Asia Documentary - "Days of Disaster"
Channel News Asia Documentary - "Raffles Revealed"
MediaCorp - "118" Drama Opening Titles
StarHub - Sensasi Hari Raya 2017
MM2 Movie Makers
StarHub SLeague PromoPackage
Toggle.SoulReaper 勾魂使者
Mediacorp - "分手快乐 / Let It Go" (Programme Promo)
Mediacorp TheDreamMakers 志在四方II
Mediacorp TheTruthSeekers 真探
Mediacorp The Dream Job 绝世好工
StarHub . Sensasi Hari Raya
The Queen 复仇女王
StarHub WWE Campaign
Wayang Boy - Opening & Credits Animation
Channel U - Empress Ki Promo Graphics
Channel U - NDP Graphics Package
Starhub - US Open
CNA - The Worlds Of Georgette Chen
Singapore Tourism Board Vignettes
Mediacorp - "World At Your Feet", GFX/VFX
Channel News Asia Documentary - "Footprints"
StarHub - Best of Asia Campaign
Tofu MDS Infographics Animation Video
SuperSports Arena Channel Rebrand
SingTel - NewsLoop TVC
StarHub - Home of Sports
CDL - Eco-office Green Future
The Wedding Diary
HP BPC Reliability Video
ZhengHe . Resort World Sentosa
ESPN StarSports FA Cup Campaign
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