Mediacorp - Life Less Ordinary “小人物向前冲”

Life Less Ordinary "小人物向前冲" is a 130 episode drama series produced by Mediacorp Channel 8. The show replaced the second half of the 7.00 pm drama timeslot, airing weekdays from October 2, 2017, 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm succeeding 118 II, airing together with news-current affairs programme Hello Singapore.

Chen Feng and Xiao Qiao are neighbours who have known each other for many years . Both of them work in the same hamper factory . However , they each bear a grudge against the other and are always at odds . Wen Jie is dyslexic but isn't aware of it . Incidentally , she meets Zi Yang who loves to read and is very knowledgeable . He accidentally drops Wen Jie's cake and both parties form an impression of each other . 

Mediacorp - Life Less Ordinary “小人物向前冲” | Opening Title
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