MediaCorp Advertising Enquiries Branding TVC
feat. Belinda Lee, Tay Ping Hui & Jean Danker
We worked on the Branding TVC for MediaCorp Advertising Enquiries to feature their large number of audiences.
With 3.5 Million Viewers, 3.3 Million Listeners, 1.1 Million Readers & 7.5 Million Online Visitors!
Client: MediaCorp Pte Ltd
Concept & Script: MediaCorp Pte Ltd
Production: Vividthree Productions
Post-Production: Vividthree Productions
Storyboarding: Wilson Yip
Director: Wilson Yip
Executive Producer: Charles Yeo
Account Manager: Zheng Xinyi
Producer: Julia Lim 
Cinematography: Amandi Wong
Assistant Director: Sufyan Sam'an
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Karen Lai
Stylist: Adrian Seah 
Editing: Vividthree Productions
Color Grading: Chen Jun Bin

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