In many ways, technology has changed the way how we see the world and has given us new ways to achieve experiences without having to leave the comfort of your home. Vividthree Productions has been touted as a leader when it comes to embracing new technology and being on the forefront of dynamic content creation for the past decade. As Virtual and Augmented Reality are experiencing tremendous popularity and growth over recent years, it's in our guiding principle to bring more of these experiences to both the mass market and our targeted audiences.
随着科技的日新月异,如今科技已可以让用户在不必出门的情况下也能身历其境般地进入另一个世界,享受另一般的实境体验。Vividthree Productions 拥有超过十年的视觉创作技术沉淀,是技术与内容创新兼于一体的领导者。随着虛擬实境(VR)与扩增实境(AR)技术的迅猛发展与普及化,让大众带来更多无与伦比的视觉体验成为了我们唯一的宗旨。
Making use technology to enrich and improve engaging consumer experience with experiential marketing. Smart usage of technology to engage consumers directly, thus inviting them to interact with your brands/product
通过AR 与 VR技术的运用,我们能全面提升用户的消费体验,带给业者独特的营销模式。超强的虚拟体验感,用户可以在最大程度下感受到您的品牌/产品 前所未有的魅力,冲击用户的大脑神经。
A location based entertainment experience that allows multiple users to forage into fully immersive fantasy worlds. By combining interactive sets, virtual reality and state of the art technology, You and your friends can experience the ultimate free-roam sensation where you will be transported beyond reality.
虚拟实境定点式娱乐(location based entertainment)的特性在于只要利用一个真实的空间就能让多名用户同时沉浸于虚拟世界,并且能自由活动,与数位世界中的物体产生互动。
Making use of VizRT, we are able to helps to shape the future of traditional news broadcast as well as events coverage and live shows. During live productions, presenters are able to interact with dynamic real time 3d graphic that are designed and prepared beforehand. Supported by Vizrt's framework competencies, we are able create a new brand image to entice the new generation of younger audiences.

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